Campus Value

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On this Campus, we are working on the society of the future. We are developing pilot projects involving various disciplines to seek solutions for social issues within the domains of Healthy Ageing. The focus is not on technology, but on the impact on people and society.

The Campus is the organisational vehicle that brings together the researchers, enterprises and facilities in the field of Healthy Ageing. It is the executive power in the regional triple helix of the UMCG, SMEs and the local and regional governments.

The Campus defines innovation / development chains and identifies shared needs and opportunities. The Campus then sets up and manages projects from concept development to market introduction.

In the process, the Campus defines and creates useful new services for SMEs. Examples of such services are the Business Support Program for Healthy Ageing Start-Ups, the Financial Service Desk and the International Relations Desk. 

Together with such experienced SMEs, the Campus has set up the LIFE Cooperative. The aim of the cooperative is to formulate joint ambitions and to establish a strong position in conciliations with suppliers of products and service, educational institutes and governments.

One Groningen Campus, two hotspots

Despite the fact that the Healthy Ageing Campus and the Zernike Campus have different dynamics, these two breeding grounds are located at only ten minutes of one another by bike. The Campuses in Groningen reinforce one another and cannot be seen separately. The interaction is tangible every day, resulting in multidisciplinary collaborations and innovations. In addition to the collaboration on content, both locations have the same Campus management. That is to say: one vision, one goal, one Groningen Campus. As a consequence, access to the Zernike Campus means access to the Healthy Ageing Campus and vice versa.