Citeq Biologics BV

Allergen source material

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Citeq Biologics is a producer of allergens. Their aim is to set new standards in product quality, quarantee the highest product quality and to support their clients in the best way possible. Not only do they deliver allergens in small amounts for research, but also in larger amounts for the production of therapeutics and diagnostics. Citeq BV offers a variety of mite, mammal, insect, and pollen allergens. Their knowledge and product quality of mites is unique in the world.

Citeq Biologics founded in 1994. The founders and leading scientists have pharmaceutical, biological and biochemical backgrounds. They developed highly sophisticated production methods that are unique in the industry. Their mites are cultivated on defined media without any animal or human components.

Extensive experience with GMP guidelines has prepared them for the oncoming quality demands for allergen production.

Citeq Biologics B.V.

Adm. de Ruyterlaan 5
9726 GN Groningen
The Netherlands