Cutting Edge

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Cutting Edge is a procuct which focuses on the development of skills in combination with a gaming aspect. The game is for the consumer market as well as medical professionals. The game works in combination with a developed hardware element which is designed for training of laparoscopic procedures for surgeons or sugeons in training and is compatible with the Nintendo Wii.

Skills training using traditional simulators has been troublesome for hospitals for some time. The fairly expensive simulators are not a lot of fun to use, discouraging specialists from using them often. We're trying to change training into an immersive experience. Instead of focusing solely on the mechanics of training, we offer to submerge the player in a rich and engaging fantasy universe. A custom designed game-controller that is fully compatible with existing Wii and Wii U hardware mimics laparoscopic equipment and simulates surgery motion to a very high degree of accuracy. This game-controller is used to play the game with.

Cutting Edge is part of the Medical Technologies and Devices cluster of the Healthy Ageing Business Cooperative

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