Lambert Instruments

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Lambert Instruments was founded by Bert van Geest in 1992, who wanted to exploit his knowledge of image intensifiers. He started to apply these image intensifiers in CCD cameras that had to be very sensitive and that are used in scientific applications. 

Intensified CCD cameras have been delivered to many institutes that are active in fields like biomedical research, astronomy and experimental physics. Special medical cameras have been developed for the analysis of the vocal cords. Imaging products from other manufacturers have been added to the product range or are integrated in systems for imaging at low light level and/or high-speed. 

Lambert Instruments offer:

LIFA microscope attachments for a high performance, fast and user-friendly fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM). Offering solutions for a range of microscopy techniques including widefield, multi-beam confocal, hyperspectral and TIRF.

Gated intensified high-speed imaging systems for high-speed and low light level imaging. Applications include situations in which the object itself emits light; such as combustion processes (flames and turbines) or dynamic phenomena in living cells that emit light.

Imaging products for low light level applications, such as image intensifiers, special multi-stage intensifiers, cooled intensifiers, intensified high-speed cameras, intensified spectroscopy and intensified CCD cameras.

Lambert Instruments BV
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The Netherlands 

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