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LifeLines has become one of the most valuable public, multidimensional cohortstudies and biobanks in the world. LifeLines offers a unique data resource to study a broad scope of (epi)genetic, biomedical, environmental and psychosocial  factors in relation to healthy ageing, disease development, and general well being.

LifeLines is established to evolve into a public research infrastructure comprising -an elaborated, longitudinal cohort, -a biobank including a data warehouse and biomaterial, -a dynamic research programme, and -a collaborative network including other data- and biobanks.

LifeLines plays an important role in the Healthy Ageing approach of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). The UMCG has developed a strategic focus on Healthy Ageing in all its primary domains: research, patient care and education & training. Several large-scale research programs and facilities, such as LifeLines en more recently ERIBA, were set up within Healthy Ageing.

Life Lines Groningen
Bloemsingel 1
9713 BZ Groningen
The Netherlands

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