Nyken is a Dutch biopharmaceutical company, developing innovative small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of acute renal and cardiac failure due to ischemia/reperfusion conditions. These complications coincide with high morbidity and mortality rates and excessive high healthcare costs.

The company is using its proprietary platform of Heat Shock Factor 1 activators. Heat Shock Factors, a family of transcriptional regulators, control the expression of Heat Shock Proteins (Hsp’s). These Hsp’s, in particular Hsp27 and Hsp70, are molecular chaperones that assist in proper protein folding and protect cells against stress-induced damage. Activation of this protective stress response has shown to play a pivotal role in suppressing misfolded proteins and inhibiting the cellular mechanisms that ultimately lead to cell death and organ failure.
Our company has discovered a novel series of small molecules that are all potent HSF1 activators, promote the expression of Hsp’s (including Hsp27 and Hsp70), and have shown to possess renal-, and cardio-protective characteristics.

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