Social Communities

Interaction is key

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On the Healthy Ageing Campus and beyond, everyone has a voice. Social media is a modern tool to encourage individuals and companies to speak up. To support the emerging Healthy Ageing community, the campus is aiming to become the speaking tube for all partner and acquaintances nationally as well as internationally. Connecting with the Healthy Ageing Campus leads to new relations in a community sphere.


Twitter is an instant news source. Campus followers can engage, comment and access information about happenings around Healthy Ageing environment.

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Facebook is our community platform. It is also one of the centerpieces of the Campus online conversation.

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Google+ gives the opportunity cluster happenings and initiatives in interaction circles. It makes sharing for specific “circles” more comprehensible.

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Our LinkedIn profile helps people to find and learn about colleagues and public figures. It allows networking on a global scale, while gaining additional insights and access to experts and commentators in the field of healthy ageing.

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Videos give a picture to a story. The YouTube channel can explain, inspire and enhance the idea behind the healthy ageing movement and at the same time has the ability to put a face and voice to the online conversation.

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Sharing information that eventually is too large for the regular email account can be transferred via this platform. The Campus provided this platform to all campus partners and beyond to easily send files from sender to receiver.

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Slideshare offers us the possibility to share the ambition around healthy ageing with partners and communities around the campus. The campus leverages its channel to show presentation, documents and content.

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