Congress of Biofilms: are you being surfaced?

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12 Sep

Hosted by the rural village community of Thesinge, the Thesinge biofilm meetings have provided a unique scientific forum for a small, select group of maximally 100 people active in the field, collected for two days "away from it all" to focus formally and informally on biofilms, with emphasis on biofilms in dentistry and on biomaterials implants and medical devices.

The focus of the 6th Thesinge biofilm meeting will be centred around: “Microbes: those deaf, dumb and blind kids sure play a mean pin ball: They know where they are and what to do!”

The meeting starts with a brief introduction to the importance of bacterial surface-sensing by Henk Busscher (W.J. Kolff Institute, University Medical Center and University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) and includes key-note presentations by three authoritative scientists in the field:

  • Dr. Yves Brun, Indiana University, USA, Canada: “Mechanisms of bacterial surface attachment at the single cell level”
  • Dr. Elaine Allan,University College London, London, UK: “Bacterial sensing of their environment
  • Dr. Niels Hoiby, Copenhagen, Denmark: “Characteristics of clinical biofilms”

We distinguish three different types of scheduled presentations and off-the-floor presentations by participants:

Selected lectures: Participants selected by the organizers invited to give 20-min lectures
Mini lectures: Participants selected by the organizers invited to give 10-min lectures
Off-the-floor: Opportunities for 5-min “hot topic” or “point-counterpoint” off-the-floor-addresses at the close of each day under the stimulating leadership of David Grainger.

If you are interested click here for more information and sign up!