Hafengeburtstag Hamburg "New business through Crossovers"

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07 May Hamburg

The Hafengeburtstag in Hamburg: A vibrant maritime event in the city on the Elbe. Not just a party, but the largest port festival in the world. Three hundred ships are moored or do the port. One and a half million visitors enjoy the spectacle on the water, from the terraces, markets, music and activities. Every year Hamburg invites a city or country, town or as Partner and co-host to act. This year Groningen is this honor, while providing the opportunity for the City of Groningen, Netherlands and everything is proud to bring to the Hamburg limelight.

The Netherlands Groningen Festival offers a platform where entrepreneurs from Groningen and Hamburg to meet, in order to achieve useful crossovers. The event zooms in on the business opportunities on three themes: Medical Technology, Healthy Lifestyle, Health and Safety (Building the Future of Health) with the regions Hamburg and Groningen can play a leading position internationally. This will take place on Thursday, May 7th, 2015, prior to the start of the Hafengeburtstag 2015 in Hamburg.

We hereby invite you to come! For registration please go to: http://www.hannn.eu/agenda-2/hafengeburtstag-hamburg-new-business-door-crossovers


08:00 Departure by bus from Groningen

11:30 Arrival Hamburg 12:00 lunch meeting

13:00 Welcome by Wethouder Joost van Keulen , Economic Affairs and delegation Hamburg

13:15 Plenary Session: inspiring examples of successful crossovers

13:45 Start seminar Healthy Ageing

14:45 Presentations within the themes Medical Technology , Healthy Lifestyle , Health and Safety 15:45 Break, speed dating event (incl. Market information )

16:15 Pitches from the three areas Healthy Ageing , Renewable Energy and IT

16:45 Wrap up and closing plenary program

17:00 Market Info + interactive program

17:30 Departure towards networking reception Club Privileg , Levantehaus

18:00 Informal networking at Club Privileg

20:00 End of meeting

20:30 departure to Groningen or night in Hamburg


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