i3event for innovative Groningen entrepreneurs

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01 Dec

i3event is an event for start-ups and existing Groninger entrepreneurs with innovative plans. It may be a completely new company or a new branch of an existing company, as long as the idea can create market value and growth potential for the Groningen region.

1. A good plan ?!
i3event focuses on start-ups and existing entrepreneurs with an innovative plan. You walk around with a great new plan? If you come from the Groningen region? Would you start a business or to realize your plan within your existing company but do you have any funding? Then i3event the event for you!

2. i3event for innovative entrepreneurs
i3event provides support and advice, with the aim of stimulating. Groningen activity Coaches and consultants help you to crystallize your business plan and financial experts give critical feedback. In addition, you will follow a series of workshops. So you get more knowledge, a larger network and increases you chance to bring your new product or service on the market.

3. Tailor-made financing
i3event helps to find funding. During i3event viewed what your plan the best mix of banks, crowd funding, subsidies and (private) investors. A stacked, or hybrid form of financing will often be the most feasible.

Exact location and time has to be determind. For more information please go to: http://i3event.nl/