PhDDay 2014 | Besides and beyond your PhD

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20 Sep 09:00 hr Groningen

On Saturday 20 September the annual PhD Day will be held. The PhD Day is a one-day event for all PhD students from the University of Groningen. This year’s event will be the third of its kind, following two well-received previous editions. The PhD Day is organized jointly by the Groningen Organization for PhD Education and Recreation (Gopher) and the Graduate Schools of the University of Groningen.

This year’s theme is “Besides and beyond your PhD”. During this inspirational and interactive day, we want to stimulate the participants to broaden their horizons and show them that there is more to a PhD period than just the project that they are working on.

Our program and sponsor teams are working hard on the organization of the day. Things to expect are key note lectures, parallel lectures, cases and workshops, but also a company fair, art exhibition and of course a spectacular party to end the day in style.

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The future of life is created by what you do today; your guide to jobd in LifeSciences
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With this event, we have two main goals: first, to bring the academia, the industry and the students together, and secondly, to provide a networking platform for all three included parties. To do that, we will gather different high-profile speakers both from the academia and the industry who will deliver interesting and inspiring talks on diverse subjects. The day will include 3 keynote lectures, 16 talks delivered in three parallel sessions, a company fair, "ice-cream" networking and finally it will be concluded with an unforgettable party. We hope that all the PhD students will recognize the quality and the potential of this event and ensure their place on time. Registrations will stay open until reaching full capacity.

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