Sensor Showroom

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16 Jan 08:00 hr Industrieweg 8, Assen

There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, who are interested in new uses of existing sensor technology. During the first activity in the sensor showroom in Assen entrepreneurs inform on Thursday, January 16, 2014 what is primarily happening on the medical market in the northern Netherlands: Sensors and health in the spotlight .

Sensor Showroom is an initiative of Sensor Universe. Together users and developers of sensor housing in a former garage at the Industrieweg in Assen , the sensor showroom is a meeting place for users, stakeholders and developers of new application of existing sensor technology.
The first meeting on January 16, focuses to healthy ageing . Our guest speakers present the possibilities sensor provides and where the health sector offers opportunities for entrepreneurs. The day also offers plenty of opportunities for networking.

Sign up via till January 9th.

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