Symposium Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing

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01 Dec Groningen

Results and future CoE HA
During the symposium we will discuss the results and the future of the Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing (CoE HA). Where do we stand after four years CoE HA? What has the public-private partnership in concrete delivered innovation workshops? And how do we go in 2017?

Care Pact
Cooperation is necessary for sustainable solutions. To support this, the government has the Care Pact created. The CoE HA has been named as one of the frontrunners and acts as a good example of cooperation. Doekle Terpstra, driver of the Care Pact, talks about the need for a common approach to quality of care and the care professional.

Parallel sessions
The afternoon features include parallel sessions about educational, research, public-private partnerships and care and welfare.
In each session, a number of presentations given by various stakeholders and an opportunity for questions and discussion.