The future of Healthcare / Quantified Self

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19 Jan 19:30 hr Leonard Springerlaan 2, 9727 KB Groningen

On January 19, 2015 we will have it in SMC050 on "The Future of Health Care / Quantified Self".

Two top speakers take us into the latest healthcare developments:

Maarten den Braber

Maarten den Braber is a famous name in the forefront of medical / health trends. He gives us a glimpse into the development of health care for years to come and let us see the trends. Also, tell him about a number of medical innovations and gadgets and their impact on health care in general.


Martijn de Groot

Martijn de Groot is working at the Quantified Self only institute in the world. And it says here in Groningen.

Quantified Self is a move to using portable technology data to obtain information on various aspects of everyday life. Quantified Self is the quantification of yourself as a human being. It's about giving personal meaning to personal data. Data from various wearable devices. Using these devices, you can obtain information about your daily activities and physical properties.

When we were going to use it all together, this can disrupt the health care even considerably. But does it do?
You hear it on January 19!

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