Why does Life Sciences & Health need entrepreneurs?

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12 May 20:00 hr Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 181K, 1019 HC Amsterdam

Hear from (social) entrepreneurs who tackle developing world healthcare challenges. Explore new (sustainable) business models of Life Sciences & Health. Exchange ideas on how social innovation in the sector develops. Build your business across borders.

Preliminary Programme

I. Panel discussion with:

Mr. Andres Hermida Cruells (Mexico), Marketing Manager at Philips Mexicana. He is one of the few good marketeers in healthcare; improving the lives of 40million Mexicans by providing them with quality access to care at lower costs.Mr. Taslimarif Saiyed (India), Director and COO of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), one of India’s foremost biotech institutes. In this role, he manages C-CAMP's technology platforms, growth strategies, strategic collaborations for new technology creation, education and training programs, business and innovation accelerator unit.Mr. Remko van Leeuwen (the Netherlands) has extensive medical and regulatory experience in drug development. He is founder and CEO of several start-up companies in biotech. Being an experienced clinical trialist-epidemiologist, his focus is on infectious diseases and poverty related diseases. Currently, he is working at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD), where he is the Project Director of the EU-supported HOOKVAC Consortium. In this project a group of African, US and European organizations are developing the first human hookworm vaccine now in clinical trials in Brazil and soon to enter clinical testing in Gabon.

II. Table discussions with the speakers from the panel discussion, the other international guests* and some additional experts:

Mr. Tom Buijtendorp, group strategy advisor of the Dutch insurance group Achmea. Passionate about aligning people along strategic visions, also across cultures. More and more focusing on contribution to society, for example combining micro insurance with a business perspective.

Mr. Michel Braakman, business development manager of the Dutch insurance group Achmea, linking business and development. With a strong focus on inclusive business, innovations, new partnerships and business models.

Moderator: Rutger Bults

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