Why do we age? Find out what the experts say at ERIBA

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25 Oct - 28 Oct

Please join us from October 25-28, 2015 for a scientific meeting on the molecular biology of ageing in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Why do we age? Find out what the experts say.

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Research into the fascinating biology of ageing is facing several challenges. The topic "biology of aging” is very broad and historically scientists have preferred more defined, often disease-oriented, research areas. A second problem is that scientists working in relevant areas do not meet on a regular basis and therefore do not speak with one voice. Yet more research into the biology of ageing is needed to address current gaps in our knowledge and, importantly, meet the global challenges triggered by an ageing population.

We invite you to participate in an exciting meeting on the Molecular Biology of Ageing by submitting an abstract. The meeting will start with a keynote address from Dan Gottschling from Seattle. Many other high profile speakers have agreed to participate. Find out more  about the programme, speakers, sessions and registration at www.bioageing.nl

You will be exposed to outstanding ongoing work in diverse research areas that are relevant to understand ageing and age-related pathology. The meeting aims to broaden the horizon of aspiring as well as established scientists and stimulate further research into the fascinating molecular mechanisms that are key to the ageing process.