1500 liver transplant surgury at UMCG

Wednesday 15 June 2016

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Recently, the 1500th liver transplant was performed in the UMCG. Liv received a piece of the liver from her father Maurice during the surgery. This milestone was celebrated with a hug for Liv and flowers for the parents Melanie and Maurice.

The UMCG is the only hospital in the Netherlands to perform these surgeries in children.In 1979 the first liver transplant performed in an adult in the Netherlands in the UMCG. In 1982, following the second scoop with the first liver transplant in a child. Since then the UMCG is the center of transplantations of the Netherlands. 

There has changed a lot since the first liver transplant. With the accumulated knowledge and years of experience will be greatly improved the outcome of the operation, but also the care and after transplantation. As a result, the quality of life of liver transplant patients and their life expectancy greatly improved in the long term.
The UMCG is one of the few hospitals in the world and the only hospital in the Netherlands, which performs all types of organ transplants. Not just heart, kidney, lung, liver, pancreas and intestine transplants, but also combined transplants such as heart / lung transplants, lung / liver transplants and kidney / pancreas transplants are performed by the UMCG.

UMC Groningen Transplant Center
All transplant programs in the UMCG cooperate in UMC Groningen Transplant Center. The creed of the UMC Groningen Transplant Center captures the essence of this collaboration again, "Shared care for shared organs. The transplant programs are all organized as independent programs. On adjacent and overlapping areas strengthen the programs together by pooling knowledge and experience. Examples of this synergy are the care after transplantation, joint research lines and center-oriented education.