SMEs from Groningen: Register for Innovation Top 100!

Monday 23 March 2015

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Companies from Groningen are often highly innovative, but they fail to carry that out in the world. Maybe it's smart to register for participation in the SME Innovation Top 100. The SME Innovation Top 100 is made possible by the Chamber of Commerce. Past nine years, this award has become the largest and most important innovation for SMEs. Registration for the 10th edition of the SME Innovation Top 100 runs until April 30th. (!)  


An innovation which no revenue is recognized at the time of registration will not be nominated for an assessment. Exclusively at the Chamber of Commerce registered companies and foundations can nominate. Nominations are judged on impact for the industry and society, originality, availability and turnover and growth potential.   On the Innovation Top 100 is consciously connected no price. The strength of the initiative is to show to which SMEs are able. They make the difference in the crisis and boost the economy with innovations. The 100 companies and their innovations will be announced in mid-autumn.  

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Registration for the 10th edition of the SME Innovation Top 100 is 30th April 2015. Tenders will be shown on the website of SME at random, ever changing, order.  

For more information and registration: