Campus created 65 new jobs

Monday 5 May 2014

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The Healthy Ageing Campus around the UMCG delivered 65 new jobs the past year. One of the campus directors Edward van der Meer is "very proud" of this number: "Creating new high value jobs is one of the hardest things to do."

The UMCG focuses on the theme 'healthy ageing' since 2006. Three years ago, followed the idea for the Healthy Ageing Campus. The campus has the goal to boost business, research and innovations in the field of healthy ageing. With the aim of create new jobs. Edward van der Meer: "We have a very good university, where ideas should not only remain in a laboratory. The in-house knowledge of the university and the UMCG, is what we try to translate into products and medication. We need to have the spin-off, that’s what creates additional jobs."

Where the campus organization in the first years was mostly busy linking researchers and businesses, does it now come down to concrete results. Director Edward van der Meer is enthusiastic: '65 jobs is a fantastic result and in regard to quality employment.

Candidate MEP Michael Emmelkamp spoke out his support for the project during his visit in Groningen: "A lot of money has gone from Brussels to Groningen in the past few years. Given the results and the spin-off that were created it is now up to us to give it continuity, that now we have to give it continue. I truly support the effort."