Campus has plans to open International Desk in Oldenburg, Germany

Friday 11 April 2014

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Healthy Ageing Campus goes glocal


Local orientation

Early on the Northern Netherlands, particularly Groningen stressed the importance of Healthy Ageing triggered by the enormous increase in the number of people who are unhealthy for a greater part of their lives. The UMCG and its predecessors are taking on the role as pioneers to cover specific fields ranging from genetic research to the effects of environmental factors. The international desk that we are currently setting up in Oldenburg, Germany helps to orientate and navigate global partner on the local terrain.

Global aspiration

Healthy Ageing goes beyond Dutch borders and is internationally recognized by companies, governments, institutions and individuals, as one important factor to our society. The International desk has the goal to connect and facilitate the progress between potential partners. As the life science sector can be of complex nature, we provide a global perspective to support an interconnected world.