Chinese serious gaming company at the Healthy Ageing Campus

Friday 20 November 2015

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Monday November 23th 2015, the serious gaming company Serious Fish is settling on the Healthy Ageing Campus in the UMCG. This will be a boost for the serious gaming-industrie in the Nortern Netherlands. 

Earlier this year the board of directors of the UMCG, city counsilor Joost van Keulen, researchers and a business delegation visited the Chinese city Tianjin. This results in the establishment of Serious Fish on the Healthy Ageing Campus. 

Games for children with autism 
The founder of Serious Fish is from origine a developer of entertainment games and is famous because of his amazing graphic designs. This expertise will be deployed in the development of serious gaming, for training and education. Together with UCP, Accare and MadLogic does the company investigate the possibilities for devoloping a game for children with autisme 

The treatment for children with autism is mostly focused on increasing their social skills. Serious Fish wants increase the social skills of autistic children by giving them the possibilty to learn it during games, so it will be more interesting and nice.