Combining forces on Campus Groningen

Thursday 23 March 2017

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New logo Healthy Ageing Campus – part of Campus Groningen

Campus Groningen had only recently its kick-off and is already one of the largest campuses of the Netherlands. With over 180 companies, 19.500 jobs and more than 45.000 students. The ambitions are high and focused on expanding the economic and societal impact of its research and innovation activities.

The Zernike Campus, located on the North side of the city is a hotspot and testing ground for research, education and entrepreneurship,  and the Healthy Ageing Campus, where RUG and UMCG work together with companies on prevention and innovative treatment and diagnosis, recently merged into Campus Groningen. 

With this meaningful development also comes a new logo. We proudly present you the new logo of the Healthy Ageing Campus!  What do you think of it? We hope you are as excited as we are!