Creating a joint health region with Northern Germany

Tuesday 6 May 2014

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Patients from Northern Netherlands can in the future easier enter a hospital in Germany for treatment. UMCG takes the lead to make those plans in the border region possible.

Until now, patients barely go over the border for treatment. This is mainly due to the risk of spreading infectious diseases and drug-resistant bacteria. But much has happened in this area in recent years.

"In Germany they prescribe a lot more antibiotics than in the Netherlands," says microbiologist Professor Professor Alex Friedrich. "In addition, every Dutch hospital has specialists in the field of infectious diseases. We are now working for a while with German hospitals and we see the number of infections greatly decrease." Despite this decline, there is only a minor groups of Dutch who across the border. Friedrich: "If it happens, it's in the paper immediately. We are now working on a joint health regions. More and more Dutch hospitals hire German doctors and vice versa. We hope this has an effect."

The Healthy Ageing Campus support those ambitions with the International Desk in Oldenburg in order to help initiate and facilitate the interaction of innovation partners that can support these efforts.