DNA Vaccination as prevention against Ebola

Tuesday 4 November 2014

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Healthy Ageing Campus community member Synvolux Therapeutics starts crowdfunding initiative www.YourVaccine.com, a foundation with the mission to stop Ebola by developing a DNA vaccine. You and your friends or colleagues can help us beat Ebola.

DNA vaccination as prevention against Ebola?
The genome of the Ebola virus is known and the variant responsible for the current outbreak has been sequenced. 
Cloning the immunogenic sequence of the Ebola virus in a DNA vector and formulation with our cationic lipid will yield an effective Ebola DNA vaccine.

What is DNA vaccination?
Recently, we have shown that our DNA vaccine formulation induces a protective immune response against Hepatitis B.

Why develop a DNA vaccine?
The development is necessary because there is always popping up new threatening viruses. When a new and rapidly spreading virus emerges then it takes with current technology, if all goes well, nine to 12 months before a vaccine is ready. When using the new DNA vaccination technique, the availability of a vaccine will be brought back to 8 weeks. This will save a lot of lives.

More information on www.YourVaccine.com or www.uwvaccin.nl (dutch)