Groningen: Carbohydrates capital of the Netherlands develops healthy fries

Tuesday 7 January 2014

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Groningen is working hard on the development of "healthy fries", which do not contribute to diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. This is done by researchers from the Carbohydrate Competence Center in Groningen.

"Healthy fries"
"Healthy fries"

In the Carbohydrate Competence Centre in Groningen knowledge in the field of carbohydrates  is gathered, developed and shared. " We want to gather all the knowledge in order to make innovation in the business sector possible," says director Fons Voragen. Why are carbohydrates so important? Because it is in many natural products, for example plants, micro -organisms and see wead.

CCC also focuses on the examination of carbohydrates from food or biomass into biomaterials and biochemicals . Possibiities for bioplastics is investigated by looking at the cells of sugar. It is thus quite possible that thanks to the research of the Groningen CCC future plastics are produced through sugar beet instead of oil.

To stimulate knowledge and innovation CCC collaborates with research institutions such as the University of Groningen and Wageningen University . In total, CCC participates in research projects worth 28 million euros.
Also the private sector is welcome to join the cooperation. There are now more than 19 companies that work with the CCC to develop new and innovative products. Among that group are big companies like Friesland Campina, Danone, Cosun and AVEBE. However, the Groningen Centre is still looking for new partners and businesses. " We are open to any collaboration," says Voragen.

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