UMCG uses virtual reality glasses for treatment

Thursday 10 July 2014

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The University Medical Center Groningen has a scoop: specialists are going  to use for the first time virtual reality goggles to treat psychotic patients. Wim Veling, head of the psychosis team in UMCG, shows that the brain reacts in the same virtual reality in oppressive situations in real life.

Nearly twenty psychologists and researchers at seven locations in the Netherlands with use this new form of therapy to work. In two years Veling knows about what the effects are. "Who knows, patients can simply step into the future behind their own computer and set up a virtual reality glasses, while a psychologist remotely monitor the results."

Virtual world
Since 2011 is Veling doing research on treatment with virtual reality, by manipulation. The characteristics of the virtual environment are shown to  determine what human emotions like stress or causing suspicion: "The results were encouraging, as the situations in which patients got caught, felt very real to them."

It is increasingly difficult
A company from Delft has created four virtual worlds for therapy. It enables the patient is able to walk through a shopping street in a realistic way to travel with public transport or visiting as public areas. The exercises in the virtual world are getting harder, so that the patient becomes accustomed to higher stress levels and anxiety eventually falls.