Groundbreaking rehabilitation with GRAIL

Wednesday 4 June 2014

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GRAIL: advanced treadmill to restore their walking ability
GRAIL: advanced treadmill to restore their walking ability

As the second center for rehabilitation in the Netherlands the UMCG, location Beatrixoord, makes use of a so-called GRAIL: Gait-Realtime-Analysis-Interactive-Lab. This allows patients to work in a safe virtual environment and to restore their walking ability.

The GRAIL is an advanced treadmill that moves in different directions and is surrounded by a large screen with a virtual world , for example, a busy shopping street or a school . The patient imagines himself in that environment and focusses on the goal he wants to achieve: get around obstacles in the street or play the ball to a classmate .

Scientific research has shown that walking recovery in this way is much faster . Patients find practice in this safe environment pleasant and fun . This motivates to exercise more often and more intense and promotes faster and better recovery . The UMCG Center for Rehabilitation sees for (future) patients tremendous value in practice with the GRAIL. The GRAIL can also be used in the prevention of sports injuries or work-related complaints.