Healthy Ageing Campus continues to create jobs

Monday 2 March 2015

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Healthy Ageing Campus continues to create jobs through cooperation

The purpose of the Healthy Ageing Campus in Groningen remains unchanged: to stimulate activity and create new jobs in the area of ​​'healthy ageing'. This is done by companies, in and around Groningen working together on innovation. This resulted in 2014 in 65 jobs and counting. "We focus on prevention and early intervention when it comes to healthy ageing," says Ronald Hesse, business development at the Campus. According to Hesse, this is achieved by linking regional companies and institutions with quality expertise together. "This happens for example in the field of genetic research, drug development, organ transplants and innovations around medical devices such as catheters and prostheses," he continues.

The Healthy Ageing Campus enlarged to facilitate research possibilities for institutions through collaboration with companies and jointly draw up when European subsidies should be requested. Hesse still fills this: "We also provide a meeting place and support for companies in terms of cost savings and growth, and we give them access to knowledge and human capital in an attractive environment." Hesse is especially excited about the possibilities offered by a university city of Groningen for business. He calls Groningen a breeding ground for change and innovation. "Groningen is situated in the heart of the region and is home to a high concentration of excellence and knowledge-intensive institutions. In this way, we can count on a continuous influx of new graduate students. "The Healthy Ageing Campus is not for nothing located around the University Medical Center Groningen. "This increases the accessibility," adds Hesse. The Healthy Ageing Campus produced over the years 65 jobs. "And that number is still rising, so in 2014," says Hesse. "The exact figures for 2014 are still under construction and are expected to be available in April. But I can already say that we have grown "The ambition of the campus remains unchanged".

I also see ourselves as an example for other regions and other issues where our expertise will come in handy. Especially when financial resources are increasingly scarce innovation and collaboration can provide solutions.