Healthy Ageing Campus joins King Willem-Alexander on business trip to Japan and Korea

Thursday 30 October 2014

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King Willem Alexander @ LODE, Groningen (Last year)
King Willem Alexander @ LODE, Groningen (Last year)

Healthy Ageing Campus board member Jan Sikkema, together with three collegeas from the UMCG, will be part of a royal trade delegation to Japan and Korea. They have been invited to join because of the fact that the UMCG puts a lot of effort in research on healthy ageing and creating job opportunities in this field.

Currently Gerjan Navis and Jan Sikkema are already in Japan. Next Friday are Erik Buskens and Martin Smit leaving to Korea. They represent the UMCG, the Healthy Ageing Campus and in this case the Netherlands to provide guidance on the meaning of life in healthy ageing medicine and the way it is organized through various programs in the UMCG and the northern Netherlands.

UMCG'ers were not previously involved in a royal trade delegation like this; UMCG sees this as a special honor. Apparently the explanation: the brand new King Willem-Alexander got impressed last year during the introduction on Healthy Ageing in Groningen.