Healthy Ageing Campus Main Sponsor PhDDay

Thursday 7 August 2014

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We're delighted to announce the Healthy Ageing Campus as Main Sponsor for PhD Day 2014, which will be held on Saturday September 20. The PhD Day is a one-day event for all PhD students from the University of Groningen. This year’s event will be the third of its kind, following two well-received previous editions. The PhD Day is organized jointly by the Groningen Organization for PhD Education and Recreation (Gopher) and the Graduate Schools of the University of Groningen.

About the Healthy Ageing Campus

The Healthy Ageing Campus is an initiative of the UMCG , Business Generator Groningen and Triade, in collaboration with the municipality and province of Groningen, all together providing a solid base with expertise in the field of entrepreneurship, IP management, business development, management consulting, funding, real estate and financial services, as well as legal and regulatory affairs. The Campus has established the ‘Healthy Ageing Business Coöperatief U.A.’, where regional SMEs unite to formulate their joint ambitions and goals for the Healthy Ageing Campus.

In the context of these public and private stakeholders, the projects of the Campus aim to realize an attractive and competitive environment by facilitating R&D partnerships, strong supply chains, innovation and technology transfer, cost reductions, shared international relations, superior grant applications and smart HR management.

Particularly for the last mentioned element, the Campus is honored to be the main sponsor for PhD day in Groningen, where we aim to facilitate and trigger the interaction between talented national and international students and world-class SMEs from the region of the Northern Netherlands.