Healthy Ageing Cooperative strengthens the bond between SMEs

Monday 1 September 2014

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Wethouder Joost van Keulen of Economy and Innovation of the city of Groningen, opens the launch of the "Healthy Ageing Business Cooperative UA" today. It is a cooperative of SMEs active in Life Sciences.

Focus of the new cooperative includes the development of joint projects, effectively applying for grants and organizing smarter procurement and maintenance, resulting in cooperative in the field of innovation and profitability. In addition, a strong(er) interrelated bond is seen as the basis for the intended balanced cooperative with research institutions and governments.

The Healthy Ageing Business Cooperative U.A. has five founding organizations that represent the core areas of cooperation, namely: Medical Technology, Molecules & Materials and Drug Development, Testing & Analysis. ,,Together we think that the SMEs in the Northern Netherlands mainly focuses on its core business and too little of another benefit," said Ton Vries, co-founder of the cooperative and director of the Healthy Ageing Campus. ,,Within the cooperative enterprises the Healthy Ageing Campus will provide a service to the business community to create opportunities and helps to achieve new (cooperation) projects.”

In 2015, the companies cooperative focuses on the organization of joint acquisition and (from) the development of various projects, such as starting a pilot innovation vouchers to support applications for subsidies from Brussels - made ​​possible by the Province of Groningen. Also in the area of wider deployment of highly trained personnel and international cooperation especially northern Germany, the cooperative will start developing projects.

The Healthy Ageing Campus has grown in the last two and a half years into the cooperation platform of science and business. During this period, it has been responsible for the realization of more than one hundred new, high quality jobs in the region of Groningen. With the establishment of the cooperative, the Campus aims to increase visibility of the impressive life science sector in the north.

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