Healthy spinkles of vegetables

Tuesday 8 December 2015

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Two companies in Groningen are developing hail from vegetables. Orfi-food and Mont Blanc Foods are working together to process discarded vegetables in healthy sandwich spreads. The province of Groningen subsidize this project with a max. of €150.000.

Vegetables in the wrong size or colour are discarded and destroyed, but according to Orfi-Food and Mont Blanc the vegetables are great to use for other purposes than diner. Eggplants, carrots and other vegetables are being processed in healthy sandwich spreads, to offer an alternative for unhealthy spreads and to combat food waste.

The province of Groningen supports this initiative with a subsidy of max. €150.000, which comes from a budget for companies around Healthy Ageing, Biobased Economy or Energy. The money is intended for the manufacturing of the healthy snack, but it will also result is 10 till 15 jobs.

The healthy snack will be tested by testing panels. When the results are positive, they will manufacture the vegetables pops in Groningen.