How to meet your match at Ehealth week

Monday 30 May 2016

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In less than two weeks, eHealth Week will take place in Amsterdam, an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and learn more about the latest trends and developments in eHealth. Networking is an important element of any conference and eHealth Week provides ample opportunity to meet professionals in the eHealth domain. The various receptions, coffee and lunch breaks and a dinner offer offline possibilities to meet. At a conference about digital healthcare however, digital networking is a must and for the first time, it can this year be facilitated with an app and online matchmaking.

Searching the haystack

When you are preparing for the conference and you are wondering where you can find the implementation professional for the new project you are building or how you can find the company behind the new program to teach emergency skills to doctors and nurses you recently heard about and you would still really like to have that cup of coffee during the coffee break, online matchmaking is the thing for you.

Finding the needle

Participants present themselves and their organisation on the online matchmaking tool ‘eHealth Week’ and indicate what kind of cooperation they want to talk about. In a few clicks you can invite the participants you want to talk to. When the invitee accepts your invitation, a 20 minute appointment will automatically be scheduled.

Exploring cooperation

R&D project building and exchange of information on products or services are often topics of these meetings. During eHealth Week, bridging the gap between policy/vision and the realities of day-to-day challenges in implementation will definitely be talked about. A comment of one of last year’s participants says it all: “I met seven potential project partners from five countries in ONE afternoon. Visiting these organisations on their sites would take two weeks!”

Great expectations

I often speak to participants about things they could do to enhance their matchmaking profiles and make their meetings even more effective. When I am talking to someone from a university, an SME, a very large company or a consultant: everyone is looking forward to meeting new like-minded healthcare professionals. I’m sure all of them will have interesting talks and some matches will be made.

The matchmaking is complimentary for all conference delegates. It also attracts healthcare professionals and service providers that join the eHealth Week exhibition for one day.

Author: Michelle Lemmers, Liaison Officer, Enterprise Europe Network, the Netherlands