Huawei technology for Healthy Ageing

Tuesday 2 June 2015

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There is a chance that the Chinese ICT multinational Huawei opens a branch in the city of Groningen.

Tuesday the municipality of Groningen, the UMCG and Huawei signed an agreement to work closer together on "new and innovative solutions."

On the Healthy Ageing Campus, the UMCG and Huawei will examine whether their technology can be used in research, care and hospital management.



Campus focus: Sino-European Medical Innovation and Cooperation

No other nation has developed so rapidly over the last 30 years than China. With a modern government, the country strives for an economic system that embodies progression and development on a large scale. In the life science sector, Semico (Sino-European Medical Innovation and Cooperation Foundation) understands the need for partnering between western countries and China. Combining the expertise generated in China and Europe presents countless opportunities for enterprises, knowledge institutions and hospitals to engage.

Bridging and assisting medical innovation, cooperation and implementation, technologically as well as intellectually, while understanding the way Chinese companies and management operate from a cultural perspective, is Semico’s core field of expertise.  (more information about semico)