Improving patient treatment through 3D Printing

Sunday 8 February 2015

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Promising approaches toward future personalized medicine illustrated during 3D printing symposium

Groningen, NL – CMI-NEN, the Center for Medical Imaging – North East Netherlands, presented the newest developments in 3D printing last Friday at the UMCG. The presenters and audience, consisting of companies, researchers, engineers and medical staff discussed the added value of combining medical imaging and 3D printing.

At the opening of the event, Dr. Peter van Ooijen, researcher in the UMCG and Principal Investigator of CMI-NEN, stated that “applications of 3D printing in medicine is a multi-disciplinary field, where lots of different expertise is needed to move forward with the technology”. Printing living material such as tissue, personalized metal implants or patient specific surgical guidance tools creates great advantage for e.g. orthopedics. Today most objects and tissue are printed to practice surgical procedures and to design prosthesis. In the future CMI-NEN-members strive for applications linked to biomaterials (living cells) for implants in which the risks for the patient decrease because of a more customized construction of the implant and enhanced preparation of the intervention.

Future research will especially focus on the topic of quality control and regulations. Printing body parts or medical devices, customized to the individual needs of a patient will enhance the quality of their life and reduce the risk of throwbacks. Ultimately, 3D Printing will become more and more imbedded in the daily medical practice.



CMI-NEN is a unique partnership initiated by UMCG/RUG, UTwente and Siemens In the field of medical imaging. It collaborates with the Radboud University Medical Center, dozens of companies, and several regional hospitals and academic partners. Medical Imaging is the key to affordable high quality healthcare in the future. To achieve this, it requires cooperation between technology, medical science and businesses. For this reason the Center of Medical Imaging – North East Netherlands was founded. CMI-NEN focuses on innovation of medical imaging and acts as a catalyst for diagnostic and minimal invasive treatments in the future.

For more information on 3D printing in the medical field and CMI-NEN please contact P.M.A. van Ooijen, PhD ( or go to