Introducing Healthy Ageing Innovation Vouchers for SMEs

Wednesday 2 July 2014

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Photo: Ronald Hesse, Business Developer Campus
Photo: Ronald Hesse, Business Developer Campus

To develop new solutions for an ageing society, the Campus assists Healthy Ageing SMEs in writing successful European grant applications. Ensuring that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) engage in developments surrounding healthy ageing and the use of European subsidy programs, the campus and the Province of Groningen take action. For the pilot project, the Province of Groningen provides a total of 100.000 Euros. The implementation is executed by the Healthy Ageing Campus in Groningen.

The Healthy Ageing Campus helps SMEs to articulate ambitions, formulate programs and projects, and find the appropriate funds to develop those projects within the campus initiative called #TAG (Tailored Approach to Grants).


Entrepreneurs often lack the in depth knowledge and experience to feel comfortable in taking the relatively high risks involved in writing an European grant application. These risks can be lowered by hiring experts. This however, entails a financial risk. By introducing the Healthy Ageing Innovation Vouchers, the Province of Groningen has decided to entrust the Campus to help SMEs contract the right experts that can help make their European grant applications a success.

The Campus issues vouchers to SMEs in the field of Healthy Ageing, that have suitable ambitions and/or high-quality projects for which funding is needed. By managing the vouchers, the Campus can secure the quality of projects and proposals. The vouchers cover 50% of the total cost of hired ‘third party experts’, up to a max. of 10.000 Euros, provided that the SME covers the other 50%. The voucher pilot will run for a period of up to twelve months, starting in September 2014, and entails a max. total value of 100.000 Euros.


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