Insurer and hospital invest in game maker with focus on healthcare

Thursday 20 February 2014

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Insurance company and hospital invest in game maker with healthcare focus

The Health Insurance “De Friesland” and University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) have a minority interest in Grendel Games, the builder of serious games for healthcare.

Aim of the participation is to develop health-promoting games and make these available for a wide audience. Grendel Games director Tim Laning:
"The problem with serious games is often that the expectations are much higher than the final distribution. The partnership with a major insurer and an academic hospital should remove this blockade of distribution."

The  game "Underground" - Screenshot website Grendal Games
The game "Underground" - Screenshot website Grendal Games


A serious example
Underground is an innovative new serious game being developed by Grendel Games, in close cooperation with UMCG and LIMIS. This game is truly a 'seriously entertaining' experience, offering a fun and immersive entertainment game that's also capable of training laparoscopic surgery motor skills.
Underground was awarded with two Dutch Game Awards on the 19th of November 2013. These awards were for ‘Best Serious Game’ and ‘Best Applied Game’ Design.

About Grendal Games

Grendel Games is a development studio of both entertainment and serious games. They’re all innovative, immersive experiences. Sometimes they’re games that can change the world.
In a period of nearly 10 years our company has grown to around 10 people. That’s still small enough to be informally creative, but big enough to be one of the most prominent in the world where serious games are concerned.

More information about grendal games can be found on their website