Job opportunity: 'Biomarker Bay' (BBay) is looking for a Business Development Manager

Friday 17 July 2015

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Business Development Manager - Biomarker Bay (BBay)

For the development of new drugs, the smart selection of patient cohorts and the possibility for early quantification of efficacy and/or side effects are of growing importance to the pharmaceutical industry because of the high costs and risks involved in drug development. The development of biomarker tools allowing for this early quantification is therefore one of their highest priorities.

The Northern part of the Netherlands belongs to the top of the world in the field of bioanalysis and biomarker know-how. Together, academic centers and companies active in the field of biomarkers have set-up BBay (Biomarker Bay). Its purpose is to channel specific knowledge and research to the market through commercial partners (SME’s), in turn creating new opportunities and synergies between academia and industry in the Northern Netherlands.

Task Description

The business development manager is responsible for acquisition, relationships and agreements (license) with partners/clients/sponsors. He / she will actively match requests from the field with the capabilities of the consortium. The manager will be member of the Management Board of BBay, together with representatives from the academic partners, and will be located on and employed by the Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands (HACN).

We are seeking a professional with working experience in both an academic and commercial environment, and the vision to combine the best of both worlds. The candidate should have a sound understanding of the biotech/pharma industry (especially biomarkers), applying a proactive approach in monitoring recent developments and breakthroughs within the field. He/she should have a broad overview of different types of biomarkers and a good understanding of the latest scientific developments. The candidate should recognize the modern aims, ambitions and challenges faced by academia and industry, and pool their resources together in order to achieve their goals.

Candidate profile

  • pragmatic
  • able to separate major from minor issues
  • able to prioritize
  • able to cope with stress
  • team player
  • strong communicative skills
  • service-oriented
  • experience with business development in pharma/biotech
  • hands-on mentality
  • excellent in English language, both written and verbal

Deadline: Please indicate your interest before the 1st of September 2015.

Contact: Martin Smit (