Lenda brings entrepreneurs and investors together via crowdfunding

Monday 22 September 2014

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Lenda is a new Dutch platform for crowdfunding.
Lenda is not a bank, does not adviserende- but has only a mediating role, compared to existing crowdfunding platforms.

The careful selection and screening of entrepreneurs Lenda is unique. A select number of companies will have the opportunity to publish their loan application on the platform Lenda. We only focus on existing entrepreneurs with an impeccable track record of a minimum of 3 years leading a healthy company. We do not take loan applications from individuals or entrepreneurs in treatment. The screening is conducted by experienced business management experts who have reviewed. Hundreds of funding applications This screening prevents money being invested in risky or not well thought out plan.

Additionally Lenda has a guarantee fund as a provision for emergencies or losses that may occur. During the term of the loan Thus we are able to reduce unforeseen losses from investors to a minimum and the deposits largely to repay in those situations where the company can no longer meet. Its payment obligation

Lenda is an association and integrity and transparency in its operations. The disbursement of funds is through a foundation Derdengelden. The lenders make the amount of their loan / investment over the foundation and after a successful registration (achieved target amount), the funds transferred to the borrower. If the target amount is not reached, the funds are returned to the lenders.

The work of Lenda focus on careful selection and screening of the companies and their loan applications, the establishment of an agreement between the lenders and the borrower and transactions (ensuring payment interest and repayment). Lenda strives for a successful financing and continuity of the company so that they fulfill lenders can meet them.'s Payment Thus Lenda represents the interests of all parties.

The Lenda form of crowdfunding is not equal buying but approaches the bank of saving more than any crowdfunding platform. We cater to the needs of the business while trying to protect the interests of the crowd. This new form of crowdfunding we call 'crowd saving'.


For more information about Lenda, please go to: www.lenda.nl