LIFE Cooperative: The proof of a sustainable format

Friday 13 January 2017

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A smart and sustainable cooperation. The Life Sciences SMEs in Groningen master the art like no other. The Life Cooperative started in January 2015 and has now, two years later, 24 members with more than 1,700 employees.  

In 2015 the Life Cooperative started with 80% subsidy; to explore the format and to try out possible projects. In 2016 the support was only 60%, in 2017 40% and in 2018 the cooperative will only get 20%. From then on the cooperative will be able to run without subsidies. They will get all their returns from membership funds and  the income from the activities and projects they run. In 2020, this driver of regional growth and innovation will be completely independent and will continue to grow.

Life Cooperative @BCF Career event 2016
Life Cooperative @BCF Career event 2016

A business driver concept

The core of the Life Cooperative has always been to create a strong partner in biotechnology and lifescienes worldwide. For that we need to unite and be more visible as a region. ''Our goal remains unchanged; Let’s make the Northern Life Sciences sector sustainable; through the business cooperative we expect to achieve a twenty to thirty percent growth in the sector. That is a significant percentage, but with the steps we made in 2015 and 2016, we know we’re on the right track” according to Ton Vries, director of Syncom BV and board member of the Life Cooperative.  “The cooperative activities have already resulted in significant cost reductions and revenue growth for its members”