Life Sciences Industry: Opportunities for UK-NL collaboration #InternationalDesk

Tuesday 9 December 2014

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#InternationalDesk Outside of Europe, some of the major hubs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology activity can be found in the United States, Japan, and Singapore and places like South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, India and China are increasingly making the headlines when it concerns developments in the biotech and pharma sector. No wonder that many who are working in this sector in Europe focus their attention on North America and the Far East when exploring collaboration opportunities and ways to expand their client portfolio and this is no different in the Netherlands. There is, however, a very fertile life science community much closer to home that offers numerous opportunities to find collaborators, new clients, and funding, which is often overlooked: the United Kingdom.




Attached report is not an in-depth analysis of the UK Life Science sector and has intentionally been kept short to provide people interested with a quick overview of the UK life science landscape and a number of tools and resources that give access to more detailed information and that facilitate reaching out to those life science communities that are of interest to the reader. The report aims to give some insight into the
biotech and pharma sector in the UK with an emphasis on the greater area of Oxford, Cambridge, and London, nicknamed by many in this area as The Golden Triangle, to encourage life science professionals, companies, institutes, and organizations in the Netherlands to have a closer look at their neighbor in the West, which then hopefully leads to fruitful interactions between Dutch life science professionals and their British counterparts.

Life Sciences Industry: Opportunit..