MedtechMeeting on Campus - Many guests, many matches

Friday 20 December 2013

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For the fourth and last MedtechMeeting 2013 the MEDTECHPARTNERS was invited by the Healthy Ageing Campus,  the UMCG and Triade to hold their last meeting of the year in the R&D Hotel.

Bart Wooden kicked off the meeting with a review of 2013, which was  a good year for MEDTECHPARTNERS . Not only the network was extended by 10 organizations, but also the number of matches per meeting increased. Wooden has the ambition to follow this upward trend in 2014.

Edward van der Meer, managing director of the Healthy Ageing Campus and Triade, continued with a presentation of the powerful combination between the UMCG, Triade and the Campus in the context of paving the path for innovation. A good example of how this works in reality was presented by Assistobot, while presenting their care robot in the R&D Hotel.

Followed by these presentation the innovators presented their divers ideas in the areas of new technologies for immune systems, imaging and monitoring to the audience. Five innovator’s presentations resulted in a total of 52 matches.

All in all a constructive and active afternoon with a diverse group of visitors from all over the country. The R&D Hotel hosted about 70 guests, including a network borrel after the presentations.

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