Menzis provides additional strength for NextGen Ventures towards sustainable health

Tuesday 3 February 2015

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NextGen Ventures has its fund assets increased to € 12 million due to the participation of Menzis. NextGen Ventures is a joint initiative of the Triade Foundation (affiliated with the University Medical Center Groningen), Noaber Ventures and DFZ Participations (affiliated with Friesland Zorgverzekeraar) and focuses its investments on innovations in healthcare. The participation of Menzis increases the strength of the fund and thus introduces innovations for an affordable and accessible health care closer.

Focus of the fund
The health sector is under pressure and keep rising healthcare costs. NextGen has been established to support smart innovations that make sustainable healthcare and improve the quality of health care. The focus of the fund is on prevention, early diagnosis and autonomy (self-management, longer live at home). The fund is currently looking into developments in the areas of: e-health, home automation, serious games and devices.

Shared objectives
Good care for everyone, which is also the starting point of Menzis. Therefore, it is committed to health care providers, patient organizations and other parties active in good quality care in the future to keep accessible and affordable for everyone. NextGen Ventures and Menzis have found each other in their goals and will make future use of each other's network to achieve these goals.

About Menzis
Menzis is a health care provider who wants to be more than just the payer of health expenditure accounts of its members. Menzis represents the interests of clients in health and disease. Moreover, it is committed to keep available and affordable quality care in the future. This does Menzis include the obligation to maintain reserves to put safe and useful for society. As investing in innovations that Menzis health and healthcare in the Netherlands, and thus to improve its members. The participation of Menzis in NextGen is a good example.

About Noaber Ventures
Noaber Ventures supports initiatives that create a sustainable manner transformations in society and as a result have an impact. Generally this involves mainly for initiatives involving information technology plays an important role and that substantively to be Healthy Ageing.

About Triade
Triade is a organization affiliated with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) that researchers and (starting) entrepreneurs support in the development of products, administration, housing and finance. Triade makes use of domestic and foreign networks with broad knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare-related innovations.

About DFZ Participations
DFZ Participations helps young innovative companies in the healthcare with capital to support growth. Entrepreneurship and innovation are needed to ensure proper care and quality of life now and in the future. That is why De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar founded its own investment and thus give a boost to innovative firms in the "early phase" or are in need of capital for growth.

Other information
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