Mission voucher for SME participation in trade missions or entries

Wednesday 13 August 2014

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The Subsidy mission vouchers 2014 (MISSION VOUCHER) has been published. The aim of the subsidy is to encourage SMEs to participate in trade missions or collective exhibition entries.

For 2014, as of August 15, 600 vouchers available. Only SMEs are eligible.Based on the scheme a voucher can be provided for a collective activity that will take place. During the next twelve months one SME company can receive up to one voucher.Collective activity is a collective and promotional activity in a foreign market in the form of:

• a trade mission: an organized, multi-day trip with several Dutch companies to a foreign market with individual and collective program; or
• a collective exhibition entry consisting in Dutch companies with individual stands within a collective submission to participate in foreign trade.

Vouchers can only be provided for activities listed on the website: //www.internationaalondernemen.nl/agenda

The voucher provides entitlement to a discount of up to € 1,500 to the cost, with the exception of travel and accommodation, which brings the organizer of the collective activity to participate in the activity fee.

Applications can be submitted to the National Entrepreneurial Netherlands.

Source: Vindsubsidies.nl. Copyright.