More precise cutting

Tuesday 14 October 2014

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Excising tumor and metastases can be cut more accurately through fluorescence. In Groningen surgeons and doctors working on the refinement of this technique.

Surgeons who operate cancer patients sometimes do not see the border between where the tumor begins or ends. Let alone that they can find it easily. Metastases at the size of a pinhead or smaller are difficult to identify.
That all experimentally can, with fluorescent substances which reveal the presence of cancer cells. The fluorescent lipid is therefore coupled to an antibody that binds specifically to cancer cells. Surgeons could thus see if they can cut out a tumor already completely during surgery.
Other imaging techniques CT, MRI or PET scans are important to demonstrate existence and location of a tumor, however, these devices can only identify large tumors smaller than 3 millimeters. The new technique is a big step towards tumor idenification.

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