Movement games: Opportunities of elderly care

Friday 10 October 2014

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On September 30, 2014 presented the Applied Gaming Coalition for Healthy Ageing, the white paper 'Let's Play. Encouraging older people to move with applied games. The coalition wants to give direction to the further development and implementation of motion games for the elderly. The white paper provides insight into the opportunities and challenges in the short term. In order to achieve effective scale-up of social impact is important. They therefore call on the elderly (organizations), municipalities, health and welfare on to rather go with movement games started. They ask them to improve game industry and investors supply high and continue to expand.

Elderly sportDe market movement games for the elderly is still in its infancy. However, the white paper 'Let's Play' shows that motion games many possibilities and opportunities for preventive elderly. Thus, for example, been shown to have games with a light to moderate in intensity in a relatively short period of time all positive physical effects. At the same time, it is necessary to improve. The range of motion games There are ten recommendations to achieve motion games that fit well with the older group, and this particular market. The white paper also recommends to investigate the effects of applied games for the elderly. Scientific research

The white paper is written by TNO and VitaValley in cooperation with the members of the coalition. The white paper combines the available scientific findings, evaluations and practical experiences from the coalition.

Prof. . Dr. Martin Verkerk, governance VitaValley: "There are many motion games available right now to go to work. By actively pursue, for example health and community centers, the games developers can improve them and match the users' needs. "

Prof. Dr. Nico van Meeteren, Healthy Living TNO. "is now done limited research into applied games for the elderly. It is important that we have the values ​​and effects of these games for preventive care for the elderly more and more to measure. The research we have to share with the elderly, the coalition and the rest of the Netherlands so that everyone can do with this. "

Members of the coalition
Actiz, ANBO, Carintreggeland, Embedded Fitness, Ellis in Wonderland, Hilverzorg, lentis, Menzis QLVR, Qwiek, University of Groningen, TNO, University Medical Center Groningen, Vital Innovators, VitaValley, VU University Medical Center, cours, and Southeast Care.

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