Multispectral Normalized Imaging System enabling real time surgery guidance

Monday 5 January 2015

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Groningen investment

SurgVision is a spin-off company of the Technical University of Munich and has recently signed a clinical collaboration agreement with the University Medical Center Groningen. The company develops innovative real-time imaging technology to assist in the complete removal of cancerous tumour tissue during surgery. The SurgVision Imaging Platform is a technology called 'Multispectral Normalized Imaging', which combines hardware, intelligent software algorithms and fluorescently-labelled antibodies. Mibiton will finance three advanced instrumental clinical set-ups.

Ton van den Hoven: "SurgVision is pleased to have Mibiton's support, which enables the placement of three advanced clinical imaging platforms within well-renowned institutions. This will help to meet the milestones in the process of taking this new technology to the market. It will also enable SurgVision to direct its working capital towards completing the clinical schedule."