New impulse for SMEs

Tuesday 14 January 2014

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On December 20th, the new Dutch investment fund Venture Initiative (DVI) was launched. The investment of € 150 million will be financed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) and PPM Oost. The investment of PPM Oost is made possible by the Dutch government.

With the fund PPM Oost and the Dutch State aim to make a fundamental contribution to the growth of the Dutch economy by investing in fast growing SMEs who are expected to have an significant impact. With the first round of € 150 million is expected to realize 10 to 15 investments. The goal is to increase it to € 300 million with the help of other private investors.

Private venture capital funds that focus on the Dutch market can rely on this investment. These venture capital funds may use this capital to invest in fast-growing innovative companies in the Netherlands. DVI is the third pillar of the SME Innovation Fund + the Dutch government ( fund-of-fund ).

SME Innovation Fund+
The Innovation Fund SME +, where venture capital loans are made available to innovative companies, was launched in 2012. The Innovation Fund is a boost to the Dutch private R&D efforts and the availability of sufficient investment capital for innovative companies . The Innovation Fund consists of three pillars :

  • Innovation credit scheme for all innovative enterprises
  • Seed Capital scheme for technostarters and 'creative industries'
  • "Fund of funds" (DVI) for fast-growing innovative companies

Agentschap NL is the executing agency for innovation credit and the seed capital scheme.

Fund Plans
Private venture capital funds that are deriving from Dutch Venture Initiative to fund their plans, can submit their applications to the European Investment Fund or can contact PPM Oost for more information.
For more information on venture capital funds, please visit the website of the Dutch Association of Investment Companies.

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