New program for innovation and entrepreneurship in Groningen; “StadsKracht”!

Thursday 9 October 2014

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OOGTV started a new television program on innovation and entrepreneurship in Groningen under the title ´StadKracht'.

The program brings together numerous beautiful examples of innovation and (young) entrepreneurship in Groningen. Groningen has more talent in entrepreneurship than you would expect.

The new “StadsKracht” program brings the diamonds of the Groningen economy in picture and urges people to own entrepreneurship. The program provides a platform for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and activities. We want to show what entrepreneurs do and what Groningen offers to entrepreneurs in the form of support and guidance, breeding places and workplaces. So that people with innovative ideas can find their way setting up their own business.

Innovation is seen as the engine of the economy. Groningen - with her knowledge institutions and young talent has always been an innovative city. In the area of ​​research, innovation and entrepreneurship Groningen is frontrunner. With room for talent, space to work, grow and development. But who are innovative and enterprising people in the City of Talent?

“StadsKracht” stimulates and excites. For more information about starting your own business, work places and breeding sites, interviews with young entrepreneurs and a calendar of activities, check the site: