New research results to prevent obesity and diabetes

Thursday 19 June 2014

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Volatile fatty acids stimulate fat burning and to treat and prevent obesity and diabetes. This is evident from the thesis of molecular biologist Gijs den Besten UMCG, on 23 June PhD at the University of Groningen. The results of the study support the idea that the use of volatile fatty acids in the prevention and treatment of severe obesity and diabetes.

Changes in diet and a structural lack of exercise lead to an increasing number of people with obesity and diabetes. Previous research has shown that dietary fiber may have to include energy intake, body weight and insulin sensitivity have a positive effect.

More fat burning

The bacteria presented in the intestines, put fiber for example wholegran bread, fruits and vegetables into volatile fatty acids. Den Besten examined the effect of the dietary fiber guar gum and the individual volatile fatty acids in mice. His research shows that the positive effect of the fiber is strongly correlated with the absorption of volatile fatty acids.

Treatment and prevention

Volatile fatty acids thus help to prevent obesity and diabetes. It also appears from his research that volatile fatty acids not only a preventive, but also reduce the existing situation of obesity and diabetes. The results of the examination of Den Besten indicate that it is very interesting to volatile fatty acids to be added to a diet for the prevention or treatment of obesity and diabetes. He therefore advises to dedicate a clinical study.